District of Arizona  
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West v. Arizona
Lethal injection statutory challenge
Opening Brief 1-12-12
Dkt.16 08.23.2011 Notice of Appeal
Dkt.15 07.28.2011 Minute Entry Judgment Signed
Dkt.14 07.25.2011 Judgment
Dkt.12 07.15.2011 Minute Entry Ruling
Dkt.10 07.15.2011 Transcript West vs. AZ
Dkt.9 07.15.2011 Reply to Def's Motion to Dismiss and Opp to TRO
Dkt.8 07.15.2011 State's Motion to Dismiss and Opposition to Request for TRO
Dkt.7 07.14.2011 Notice of Claim of Unconstitutionality
Dkt.6 07.14.2011 Temporary Restraining Order with Hearing Date
Dkt.5 07.14.2011 Memo in Support of App for Temp Restraining Order and Inj Relief
Dkt.3 01.13.2011 Temporary Restraining Order with Notice and Order to Show Cause
Dkt.2 07.13.2011 Verified Complaint for Special Action, Declaratory and Injunctive Relief, and OSC


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